Al Tadawi Medical Center is a multi-specialty facility provider which aims to cater for the healthcare needs of the whole community. We focus on delivery of the most comprehensive medical services offering state-of-the art treatment provided by outstanding medical experts utilising the most advanced medical equipment.  Our commitment to health is consistent with a world class level of exceptional practices and procedures

With the development of modern medical technology we aim to enhance our wide range of services and apply them with outstanding expertise, clinical excellence and sympathetic compassion.

Our experienced and well trained professionals have established a comprehensive system of care which enables us to render a singularly focused treatment.



We aim to take exceptional care of our patients

  • By providing world- class health care
  • By delivering care in a compassionate, respectful, and responsive way
  • By advancing our medical knowledge and continuously improving our practices
  • By educating present and future generations of healthcare professionals
  • By protecting patients with medical confidentiality


To create a new standard of community healthcare. One that combines the personalized, caring environment of the finest community, with a commitment to providing the most advanced medical technology and capabilities available today.



  • Integrity
  • Compassion
  • Accountability
  • Safety
  • Respect

Family health care is introduced to provide a continuing and comprehensive care system for family members of all ages. Our practices are not limited to monitoring and treating patient health care problems. We are also committed as part of a community-wide network of supportive and dedicated health care providers. 

We are here to provide specialized services and are responsible for initial primary treatment and co-ordination of care. As we promote good relationship to families – this leads in turn to the establishment of a healthy rapport and the accumulation of essential knowledge about the systematic quality of family health care.