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In good hands, in good health

(An apple a day keeps the doctor away, but in case that old adage proves otherwise, our doctors are happy to look after you)

Eat healthy, do your exercise, drink plenty of water, sleep early, don’t smoke, avoid exhaustion, it’s all good advice. Sometimes it works but sometimes it doesn’t, and you start asking good questions and you start having good reasons to worry. This is now a good time to seek a trustworthy professional opinion. At Al Tadawi Medical Centre we understand your needs and your worries, therefore we have created a safe, private and relaxing space for you and your family and have put at your service an integrated spectrum of cutting-edge healthcare services all under one roof. Our highly qualified team of medical professionals boasts 20 dedicated specialty doctors and 15 talented friendly nurses who conveniently speak different languages so you can rest assured that all your needs will be met to outstanding standards. Thanks to its prime location at the prestigious high end building in Dubai, the clinic is easily accessible and offers free parking in order to facilitate your visit, whether it’s a walk-in or by appointment.

The good word
CEO’s Welcome Letter

We were recently extremely privileged and honoured to have his Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed Al-Maktoum, the Crown Prince of Dubai, officially inaugurate our newly extended Medical Centre. We were immensely proud to display the brand new facilities and services in which Al Tadawi Medical Centre has invested without hesitation and at every level of care, to provide patients with a most desirable system of Evidence Based practice in the most welcoming and comforting surroundings.

Our particular emphasis has always been in putting patients first and foremost. We have therefore devoted much time and many resources to acquire the latest and most advanced medical equipment to ensure that we are able to provide first class comprehensive primary care. It is important for us and also, in particular, for those patients who fall under our care, that they receive both timely and safe medicine.

Introducing continuous involvement of new management in healthcare, we have complemented the new concept of a care centre with broad clinical support and care, away from the normal surroundings of a clinical environment. We are creating an ambiance that is compact, friendly and provides a service that can perhaps be best described as “the luxury of healthcare”.